Wrendale Slim Diary 2022 Front Cover
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Wrendale - Slim Diary 2022

Product Code:H11 - SD2022

A beautifully illustrated Slim Diary 2022 from Wrendale. 

Classic Wrendale images are printed on every page. There is a ribbon to keep your place, and blank pages to make notes of "goals and aspirations" and "thoughts and resolutions" 

There is also an insightful wildlife calendar! For example, January's entry is Mountain Hare ...

"Masters of camouflage, the mountain hare spends the winter with snowy white fur. As the snow melts, the white coat is shed in favour of a soft brown to help it disappear amongst the heather moorland. Native to the Scottish Highlands, the mountain hare also makes its home in mountainous regions across the world from Snowdonia to Scandinavia to eastern Siberia. As quick as a flurry of snow, the best time of year to see these beautiful creatures is in early spring when the snow has melted but their fur remains white." 

The diary measures approx. 8cm x 17.5cm.