Wrendale Plush Toy, Squirrel, Toy and Canvas Bag
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Wrendale - Plush Toy - Squirrel, Fern

Product Code:H7 - PLUSH005

RRP £37.99

An absolute must for any Wrendale or wildlife fan! Inspired by Redhead", Fern is an adorable cuddly toy Squirrel. She comes complete with a small canvas bag, with a picture of the Squirrel appearing on the front that gave the inspiration to create Fern. 

One of your favourite Wrendale character's brought to life. 

Fern's Story: 

Bright. Sociable. Energetic. 

As a child, Fern dreamed of joining a circus and now puts her acrobatic skills to good use as she scampers through the treetops. Sporty and athletic, she still hold the woodland record for the pole vault. A charming and beautiful redhead, Fern is a social butterfly and a well known influencer, always knowing which are the best trees to be seen in. Her favourite things are fancy dress parties, stone skimming and writing lists.

Approx. 24cm tall