Snuggable Hottie - Microwave Bunny Front
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Snuggable Hottie - Microwaveable Teddy - Bunny

Product Code:AH-SNG0008

This beautiful Microwaveable Bunny with its soft lavender fragrance will sooth any child or adult. 

Incredibly soft, this light brown Bunny has a white belly and tail. 

All Hotties come with a removable insert - accessed by a Velcro strip at the base - which is filled with tourmaline beads that are fragranced with lavender oil. This insert can be heated in the microwave for extra warmth and comfort. 

Hotties are great for providing additional warmth but they can also be used as a source of heat therapy to ease aches and pains and to soothe and relax at bedtime to help send little ones off into a peaceful sleep. The inner warming bag of all of our Hotties are infused with Lavender essential oil which contains properties to help calm, relax and aid restful sleep. 

Please read all warnings and safety instructions before use.