Ashleigh & Burwood, White Cedar & Bergamot, Candle
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Gift Set - Scented Candle, Sachet and Wax Melts - White Cedar & Bergamot

Product Code:GBP066

This beautifully presented gift set contains a range of products from Ashleigh & Burwood, all with the popular fragrance White Cedar & Bergamot. Carefully presented in eco friendly packaging. 

Fragrance: White Cedar & Bergamot. A woody, aromatic scent. Deep, invigorating base notes of mahogany and white cedarwood are accented by a warm core of spicy nutmeg and cinnamon, finished with a zingy bergamot top note. 

Fragrance type: Spicy and Woody. Fragrance Notes: Bergamot, Nutmeg, Mahogany 


- This stunning luxury scented candle in a brightly coloured glass jar is a must for any home and can be repurposed after use as a colourful tealight holder. 

- Made from a highly fragranced soy wax blend for a powerful scent release. 

Size: 225g. Approx. 42 hours burn time. Always read the label 

Scented Sachet 

- Gently scent drawers and suitcases, refresh the interior of your car and wardrobe or simply hang on a door handle for a delicate room fragrance.

- Ribbon Hanger. 20g 

Wax Melts 

- 8 x 8g individual heart shaped wax melts 

- Crafted from brightly coloured wax 

- Up to 10 hours of fragrance 

May produce an allergic reaction. Keep out of reach of children. Never leave a lit flame unattended.

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